Gardening is one of the physically demanding activities. For many, it is yet another activity that they do. For some, it is an engaging activity and a stress buster. Actually speaking the number of people who are getting involved in gardening is increasing steadily. The fact is most of them are starting with a lot of enthusiasm and give up within a few months. The main reason that they give is that the plants are not growing properly. It is because of the mistakes that they do in the initial stages. In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes that people do in gardening.

Too much or too little light

The sunlight factor is one of the very common mistakes that people do in gardening. There can be only two reasons for that. It is either because they have no idea about it or they do not have the required space. Whatever might be the reason, it is definitely going to affect the plants. Sunlight and water are the two basic requirements for any plant. Hence it is better to act accordingly and provide what the plant requires. Different plants require different amounts, hence know the requirement of the plant and provide an adequate amount of sunlight.

Watering plants

Everyone knows the importance of water when it comes to gardening. People commit two kinds of mistakes when it comes to watering. Either they provide too much water, or they do not provide water at all.  Different plants require different amounts of water. For example, if you have a cactus in your house, they only need a small amount of water. But for other plants, it is not the case. Hence water the plants regularly with proper quantity.

Feeding the plants

When people begin gardening they have this perception that only watering the plants is enough for the plant’s growth. But the truth is that the plants need 16 different nutrients from the soil. In most of the cases, the soil is not very healthy to provide all these nutrients. Hence you need to opt for fertilizers which meet the requirements of the plants. It is better to opt for organic and eco-friendly fertilizers.

Crowding the plants

In the interest of growing more number of plants, people plant the saplings very close to each other. This might not cause any problem in the initial stages. But when they grow the roots, stem and the branches will not have enough space. This will also result in various problems while watering and fertilization procedures. So give enough space between two plants so that there will not be any kind of hindrance in the future.

Not sowing at the right depth

Sowing the seeds in the right depth is the first thing that you need to do to have proper growth of plants. Many might have this question that how deep that they should sow the seeds. The thumb rule that needs to be followed is that the seeds should be sown twice as deep as their thickness.