Maintaining the garden is not an easy task. It takes a lot to have a perfectly maintained garden. The worst part is that it is not a onetime process. Periodic maintenance and inspection are mandatory. Many have this perception that maintaining and having a healthy garden is all about watering the plants, removing the weeds and cutting the overgrown branches. The truth is that they are just a small part of the entire process. In this article, we will discuss some easy ways to maintain a healthy garden.

Examine the plants before buying

Properly examining the plants before buying is the easiest way to avoid plant diseases.  So try to get the basic knowledge of how a healthy plant would look. Hence before buying the plant make it a point to examine the quality and the condition of the plants. Some of the simple things that you can do are checking the quality of the roots and leaves. When you check the roots make sure that they are white in color and should be firm. If the roots are dark, it is better to avoid them.

Composted yard waste

Many might think that the fertilizers that you buy from the shops are made out of composted material. The truth is they are a mixture of chemicals and composted materials. By using the composted waste from the yard, you can be absolutely sure that there are no chemicals and it will not harm the plants in any way. One of the important advantages of using composted yard waste is that they do not generate much heat, which is very harmful to the plants.


Take care of the bugs

When you find some damage in the plants understand that it is more than cosmetic damage. The bacteria and virus that causes these conditions can enter the plants through their damage that are caused by the bugs. When these bugs bite the plants, they create small openings that allow these microbes to enter the plant’s body. Some of the insects actually act as carriers for these microorganisms. The common carrier that you can spot among the plants is Aphids. Hence make it a point to protect the plants from the bugs as much as possible.

Clean up the fall

Leaves from the plants fall because of two reasons. They fall when they are dried up. These leaves can be great manure for the plants to grow. But the leaves also fall because of the diseases caused by bacteria and virus. If not cleaned the microbes in the leaves gets transferred to the plant again.

Trim the damaged limbs at the right time

Late winter is the ideal time to trim the damaged limbs of plants and trees. Leaving them untrimmed for a long time allows the disease to spread to the entire plant. This not just eliminates the spreading of diseases, it also allows for the growth of new and healthy branches.