Installing a fence will improve not just your home’s security but its aesthetics as well. It’s actually a great way to show the neighbourhood your artistic side. You can accessorise your fence to make it eye-catching or complementary to your home’s architecture and outdoor landscape. One type of fence that you will catch the eye, especially if you’re a nature lover, is the hedge. It’s made of closely spaced, well-picked and trained shrubs or trees.

A lot of homeowners are reluctant to install a hedge fence because it takes time to grow into their desired shape. Truth is a little bit of patience pays off. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from having a fully-grown hedge in your property, be it a fence or just a decorative element for your garden.


Compared to a wooden, ceramic or concrete fence, a hedge fence is way cheaper to install and maintain. Its installation only involves proper planting of the shrubs. No large and sophisticated tools needed. It’s basically horticulture, except your plant doubles as a fence or sculpture. Maintaining it can be easy as well because the shrubs have their own coping mechanism. As long as they are looked after, they will stay lush and lovely all year round.

Increases the Value of Your Home

The disappearance of nature is no longer just news we see on television. It’s happening in our own backyard. One basic principle of supply and demand is that price increases when supply drops. As properties with thriving greenery become scarce, their value also increases. Having even a small patch of green on your land can raise the price of your asset. Imagine how high it could go if your fence itself is made of plants?

Better than Typical Fence in Providing Privacy

Apart from security, another basic element a well-installed fence can give you is privacy. It can help conceal as much of your property as possible so you can freely utilise both your indoor and outdoor space without bothering the neighbours or passers-by (or them bothering you). The only drawback of having a fully-closed fence is it blocks off the breeze. A hedge, on the other hand, provides both privacy and wind passage because although it’s dense, it has enough voids to allow fresh air to seep through.

Attract Animals

More than us, animals really love plants. Sadly, we are pushing them farther away as we replace their homes with pavements and buildings. We can actually share habitat with them by having more greenery in our property where they can safely thrive and co-exist with us. A hedge is one of the best options that you can offer them, especially the birds since they love building their nests in dense overgrowths.

Of course, when you are maintaining a hedge fence, you shouldn’t treat it like a typical fence. Don’t forget that it’s a living thing, so it needs as much TLC as possible. If you don’t have the knack for taking care of plants, you can always turn to a professional horticulturist who can assist you with all garden maintenance projects